If you have other questions, please email me: cecil@cecilfest.com


Why Do You Do It?

It’s no secret that Cecilfest is a non-profiting adventure for myself. The question that I get asked the most is, “Why do you do it?”. To make a long story short, a professor of mine in college, Robert W. Smith, created a scenario in class with an ending that scared me. ‘…As we get older our circle of friends gets smaller and smaller.’ Friends are the most important part of my life and I want to make that circle grow as large as possible.


Is there a Membership this year?

Cecilfest is a Musical Family Reunion but there are many expenses.  We are camping on private land and only our family and friends are invited attend.  There is a suggested donation of $30 per adult. Meeting our expenses will ensure the future of our Reunion.

We are a very talented extended family and many folks contribute in different ways, from music to yoga to labor.  This makes it fun for all.  Any contribution you make from the heart will be cherished.


What do I do when I get to Cecilfest?

Upon arrival at the venue you must:
• stop by the Greeting Tent to let us know you are here.
• Present proof of invitation.
email me if you have any questions about proving invitation
• Provide us your Contact information
• Make your donation

After this you will be given a *Wristband and shown where you camp and/or park.   *Wristbands must be warn at all times.


Why are there different color wrist bands?

Everyone who attends the Cecilfest Family Reunion will be given a wristband.   Wristbands must be warn at all times.  There will be three different bands, Musicians, Family & Young family.

•  Musicians All the musicians are performing without compensation.  When you see them give em’ a hug or a cold beer.  Musical talent often goes unrewarded, so lets show them some gratitude.

•  Family  You.

•  Young Family  anyone under the age of 21.  Really Young Family will have their parent’s name written on the band.  Please help keep track of our Young Family


Is there anything I can do to help?

The biggest help we need is for you to bring your friends and family and make financial contributions to ensure the future of event. We can always use help setting up and loading out. If you would like to get involved E-mail us at cecil@cecilfest.com

Load in will be on Friday morning. Load out will be on Sunday later morning.  If you are willing & able to help it will be greatly appreciated.


Do I have to camp in the same area with everyone?

We will do our best to have areas for early risers, night owls, groups and everyone in between.


Who’s cookin ?

You are! Bring enough for you & yours and maybe some to share.


What’s to drink?

We will have water available for people to drink in water coolers. You can bring other beverages, but make sure you are allowed to drink them.


What if it rains?

We’ll party in the rain and move the music to the barn. A little rain won’t stop us, a heavy downpour may delays us, but the party will go on. We will have a tent or two to provide shelter but you should bring rain protection.


Can I bring a friend?

YES! All friendly people are welcome. Please bring your friends, your family, and all the good people you know. Anyone invited to Cecilfest may invite others.

The basic rule of thumb when inviting guests –
“Would you let them spend the night at  your house with your family?”


Can I bring my kid?

Children are welcome, but keep in mind it is a party. Anyone under eighteen must be accompanied by a parent and have a wristband telling who they came with. We will have a kids area.


When do we have to say good-bye?

We are asking folks to leave by one p.m. You are welcome to stay longer and help us load out.  If anyone leaves early make sure you are able to do it safely. Big Brother is always watching and we prefer to avoid his attention.


What should I bring?

Bring with you peace, love, happiness, and anything you may need to make your visit more enjoyable and comfortable. Other helpful items: Water, Shade Shelter, Tent, sleeping bag, lantern, mountain bike, constellation charts, telescope, binoculars, munchies (enough to feed your appetite for the weekend), drinks, sunscreen, insect repellent, rain protection, chairs, musical instruments, drums, games, toys, the kitchen sink.


What should I not bring or do?

We don’t want to see anything that would get anyone in trouble. Be responsible for your actions and respect others around you.


Fireworks are banned.


What about my pet?

Well behaved, child friendly pets on a leash are welcome. Please do you best to clean up after your pet in any common areas.

Where do I throw my trash?

Please help us keep the venue clean. We will do our best to have cans for your trash and aluminum. We will be recycling aluminum. For those who smoke cigarettes, Please watch your butts.  Please take out your trash.


Is there any vending?

There is no organized vending. It’s a musical family reunion not a festival.


Can I vend?

If you want to show artwork, crafts or jewelry and someone offers to purchase it would be cool. Remember this is a family reunion.  Not a festival.


What about bathrooms?

There will be porto-potties for you convenience.  Please help to keep them neat.


Are there showers?

Unfortunately, no information is available yet.


Who do I have to contact if I want to perform at Cecilfest?

Cecil. Promo Packs can be sent to Cecil Conley @ 629 21st Street, NE, WDC 20002. You can also contact email me cecil@cecilfest.com

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